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  • 15 August 2021 | Sunday

*Live musical accompaniment by Kolektif Istanbul

Director | Ivan Pravov, Olga Preobrazhenskaya

Soviet Union / 1927 / B&W /  67’
Silent film /  Russian intertitles, Turkish subtitles / Live music by Kolektif Istanbul.

Screenplay | Boris Altshuler, Olga Vishnevskaya
Cast           | Kuzma Yastrebitsky, Olga Narbekova, Yelena Maksimova

Olga Preobraienskaja's 1927 silent film ‘The Peasant Women of Ryazan’ presents the intertwined story of two women living in a town called Ryazan in rural Russia as a high-contrast drama. While Ivan, son of Wasilii Shironin who is an affluent farmer, marries Anna with the approval of his father, his daughter Wassilissa decides to be with Nikolai by confronting her family and the whole village with them. The lives of the two heroines, which follow different lines of social constitutionalism and social status, undergo radical changes when their spouses Ivan and Nikolai join the army due to the First World War.
The characters and routes of Anna, who becomes vulnerable to the conservative patriarchal structure that "accepts" itself in Ivan's absence, and Wassillissa, who is against being a victim of the order and conservative traditions, establish an increasing psychological tension line throughout the film through both intersections and contrasts.
Directed by Olga Preobraienskaja, one of the first female directors in the history of cinema, together with Ivan Pravov, The Women of Ryazan offers a very special example to silent film avoiding the communist propaganda emphasis characteristic of Soviet Russian period cinema, dealing with the subjects that require courage, both fearlessly and gently, and meanwhile not compromising to reflect the life of the Russian countryside and the beauty of village life. 

Olga Preobraienskaja:
One of the famous actresses and first film directors of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution, Preobraienskaja studied at the Moscow Art Theater between 1901 and 1904. The actor/director who first appeared in The Keys to Happiness (1913) and went behind the camera for the first time for the movie Miss Peasent (1916), which she directed with Vladimir Gardin; started teaching at the first Soviet Russian state film school, now known as VGIK from 1918 to 1925. Olga Preobraienskaja, who gave up acting completely after 1925 and continued her career only as a director, is considered one of the leading female filmmakers.
Ivan Pravov: Born in 1899, Russian screenwriter and director Ivan Pravov is known especially for the films he directed together with Olga Preobraienskaja. The Peasant Women of Ryazan marks the first collaboration of the duo, who will go behind the camera together in seven films in total.

Kolektif Istanbul
Arguably the most entertaining band on the Istanbul stage, Kolektif Istanbul musicians Richard Laniepce and Ertan Şahin are bringing us to a completely different universe this time with the live music they will perform during this silent film in which the drama elements are intensely present. Having shared the same stage for fifteen years, musicians will visualize sounds by combining different instruments and different timbres. Laniepce and Şahin, who have taken part in various interdisciplinary projects that bring together performing arts and music, will seek the sound of the silver screen in the instruments they brought from different parts of the world.

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