Beykoz Kundura

  • 24 November 2019 | Sunday
Free event, registration is needed.

Free of Charge
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It invites all bodies unconditionally that have invisible walls, silent boundaries, dark passages, insecure bridges between them and dance, or that want to move and seek ways for opening itself to dance.

This workshop is an open space for bodies that long for dance and movement. With its holistic and inclusive policy, it tries to create an unbiased and independent space outside of the accustomed internal and bodily limitations. Based on dance and movement therapy, the workshop aims to form holism, complexity and connectivity relationship in the body and to make sure relearning in the body, raising physical awareness and strengthening kinesthetic intelligence.

Consisting in three parts, namely self-witnessing, impulse and trusting the unknown, the workshop requires participants to wear clothes in which they could move freely. There will be no shoes during the training.

The workshop will be held by contemporary dancer, choreograph and scholar Tuğçe Tuna who works in the field of body-oriented therapy.

*Free event, registration is needed. 
CLICK HERE for registration form.

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