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  • 8 December 2019 | Sunday

Czech Republic / 1963 88’ / B&W
Czech with Turkish sub.

Director      | Jindrich Polák
Screenplay | Pavel Jurácek, Jindrich Polák
Cast            | Zdenek Stepánek, Frantisek Smolík, Dana Medrická

It is the second half of the 22nd century and a spaceship called Ikarie XB 1 is on its way to Alfa Centauri to search for extraterrestrial forms of life. Its crew, made up primarily of scientists from various fields, being far from our solar system, is exposed to unknown and unimaginable dangers. At the same time, the film also deals with a number of their everyday worries as well as their delights. The stylistically refined fictional world of a distant future is brought to life through Kališ´s black and white shots in a wide screen format and Liška´s innovative electronic music, as well as the iconic set pieces and costumes. In addition, the matter-of-fact performance style employed by the best Czech actors from the time add a natural feel while also providing additional psychological layer to it. The script writers drew some of their inspiration from a novel by Stanisław Lem called The Magellanic Cloud. It is also worth mentioning that they resisted the politicization that sci-fi films of that time were frequently subjected to which often made them fairly superficial. Instead of pitting two rival systems against one another, thus creating an obvious East versus West dichotomy, they portray the hope for a better, morally more advanced humankind in place of the “riff raff” of the 20th century, who did not leave anything but disasters in their wake.

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