Body Awareness and Dance Workshop
Beykoz Kundura

  • November 16 - November 24

Body Awareness and Dance Workshop with Tuğçe Tuna

The workshop is based on the somatic studies with analysis of body’s individual kinesiological operation and the concept of holism and connectivity in the body. It aims to develop individual’s physical qualities, understand their habit of moving and increase their bodily freedom and competence through different speed and movement qualities, coordination, and memory and empowerment exercises.

Tuğçe Tuna
Award-winning choreograph, contemporary dance and performance artist and director Tuğçe Tuna, who is also a contemporary dance trainer and works in the field of body-oriented therapy, forms the relationship with existence through body, movement, effort relation and the principle of holism in the body.
Since 1993 she worked for international festivals, organizations and academies as a choreographer of interdisciplinary dance and performance works and a dancer. She also works as trainer of contemporary dance and movement techniques and carries out body-oriented dance and movements therapy.

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Body Awareness and Dance Workshop Beykoz Kundura 24.11.2019 11:00 Past Event

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