• September 12 - November 15

Kundura Stage - a new theatrical “hidden gem” in Istanbul - opens this September with an interactive performance in the heart of the city, produced by Germany’s renowned documentary theatre group Rimini Protokoll.

Focusing on contemporary performance arts across multiple genres, Kundura Stage is an alternative platform for cutting edge theatre productions. It marks the second stage in the redevelopment of Beykoz Kundura as a multipurpose arts venue and cultural destination in Istanbul.

The inaugural season launches with Rimini Protokoll’s “Remote Istanbul” - a theatrical audiovisual journey in the streets of Istanbul. The interactive and immersive experience sees a small group of audience members set off into the heart of Istanbul with headphones. Guided by a synthetic voice, they are asked to watch each other and make individual decisions whilst always remaining as part of a group.

“Remote Istanbul'' opens to the public from 19 September. The tours will be available in both Turkish and English

Event Name Venue Date Status
Not On Sales
03 OCTOBER 2020 / REMOTE ISTANBUL KUNDURA STAGE 03.10.2020 16:30 Past Event
Not On Sales
04 OCTOBER 2020 / REMOTE ISTANBUL KUNDURA STAGE 04.10.2020 16:30 Past Event

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