As a leather and shoe factory once upon a time, Beykoz Kundura now serves as a set where movies and TV series are shot, as well as being a new spot in Istanbul for culture and art events. As a space where huge decors, scenes and sets are located, Beykoz Kundura has hosted a large number of projects in the past, thanks to its technologic infrastructure. Hatırla Sevgili, Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki, Karadayı, Arka Sokaklar, Poyraz Karayel, İstanbullu Gelin, Vatanım Sensin are just a few of the TV series shot in Beykoz Kundura up to now.

There are various spaces used for filming and events in Beykoz Kundura. These spaces, most of which are certified buildings and second–degree historical monuments, play host to corporate events like premiere nights, launching assemblies and meetings of various brands and firms, as well as serving as a set for tv series and film & catalogue shootings. Rendering service with its outdoor areas along the gorgeous Bosporus in addition to the buildings equipped with the decors reflecting the spirit of the period, Beykoz Kundura is not open to visits from outside so as to ensure security.

Bearing the traces from both the Ottoman and the Republic, Beykoz Kundura represents an art-based multifunctional facility today, whereas it used to operate as a large factory in the past. Owing its such distinctive character to the plateaus and sets within its body, Beykoz Kundura consists of historical shooting and event spaces such as rubber plants, leather cabinets, arbor, Kundura Yıldız and fire station, along with the Green Box with the latest technology, a modern helicopter hangar, and Hidden Kundura, an enchanting and verdant outdoor area in touch with the nature.

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