Kundura Cinema Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

Kundura Sinema'dan Ay'a Yolculuk

Kundura Sinema'da Wim Wenders Seçkisi


Designed as a theater, concert and performance hall, Kundura Stage will be meeting the fanciers of art.


Inspired by the film screenings held with the participation of both the workers and the residents of Beykoz when the place used to serve as a factory, Beykoz Kundura’s Boiler Room has been transformed into Movie Theater now. Since November 2018, Kundura Cinema hosts curatorial movie selections which are regularly updated.


Oral history project “Kundura Memory” was launched for honoring the memories of those who shaped and developed Beykoz Kundura and reached it to a vital place in Turkish economy, and for getting to know this space closer, which has a great role in the social and economic structure of Beykoz.


Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki became the first TV series that uses it as a street setting.


Beykoz Kundura was incorporated into Yıldırım Holding in 2004, following the decision of privatization. It continued to serve to the creative industry since then as well, acting deeply loyal to its longstanding cultural value. Beykoz Kundura has turned into a movie set serving to the series and cinema industry as of 2005 with several shooting offers it received.


During 1980s, this ever increasing figure experienced some changes in line with Turkey’s variable economic and social preferences. The factory started to make a loss as of 1986, with the impact of II. Oil Crisis and 1980 coup d'etat. Upon the instruction of the Ministry of Environment, the leather department of the factory was shut down in 1993, by reason of polluting the environment and Bosporus. Then the closing process of the factory was launched in 1999 with the decree of the Council of Ministers.


This industrial space maintained its activities as Sümerbank Leather and Shoe Factory after the proclamation of the Republic. Such that, annual capacity of the factory reached 860 thousand pairs in 1955. This was followed by 2 million pairs in 1968 and 2,5 million pairs in 1977.


Won a medal for its manufacturing plant in the International Vienna Fair.


Participated in the International Paris Fair, which was difficult to enter at the time, and Expo Universelle.


First of all, a paper mill was established in the mill pit at Beykoz Hünkar Port in 1804 upon the order of Selim III. A tannery was founded right next to the paper mill in 1810. Following the acquisition of the tannery by Mahmut II in 1812, the factory started manufacturing shoes, boots and harnesses for the military.