Yalıköy, Süreyya İlmen Cad. 
No:1 34820 Beykoz 

0216 323 31 30


Located at one of the most stunning spots of Bosporus, in Beykoz Yalıköy, Beykoz Kundura offers different alternatives for transportation.
You may reach Beykoz Kundura both by road or by sea.   

By road:
Beykoz Kundura offers free parking lots; you may therefore come here with your car without worrying about parking.

Visitors preferring to use public transport may get on Beykoz minibuses setting off regularly from Kadıköy and Üsküdar, and easily reach Beykoz Kundura.

By sea:
It is possible to reach Beykoz Kundura by sea, as it is located right across the Bosporus. You may prefer the motor boats serving between Yeniköy and Beykoz in every 20 minutes.
Moreover, you may reach Beykoz by using the Bosporus Line of City Lines. 
Click here to see the hours of departure.

Once you reach Beykoz Ferry Pier, you may take a walk for about 15 minutes, use the minibuses or buses passing in front of the pier, or take a taxi to easily reach Beykoz Kundura.

Apart from all these options, Beykoz Kundura owns an exclusive pier too. You may accordingly use a sea taxi to reach Beykoz Kundura. 

Beykoz Kundura welcomes visitors only in event days to ensure safety and protect the working areas of sets and sceneries it hosts. In event days held by Beykoz Kundura, guests can access the event spaces, however access to sets are always prohibited. Restaurants and cafes in Beykoz Kundura only offers service to the visitors in event days. Accommodation is available solely to the film crews.


Beykoz Kundura serves as a professional shooting and event space. We accept visitors unfortunately only on event days to ensure the safety and protect the working areas of the sets we host; we accordingly do not organize visits to the sets inside. Visitors have access to the event space, café and restaurants that are open to visit only on event days; however entrance to sets is strictly prohibited.
Of course! We offer free space opportunities exclusively for the students of cinema and television. However, we apply a certain limitation of time for these shootings. First of all, you need to ask for an appointment by sending an e-mail to the address info@beykozkundura.com to obtain further information on the matter. Do not forget to bring a valid student certificate and a signed petition describing your project and your intention to make use of free space shooting opportunities when visiting Beykoz Kundura for an appointment.
The land where Beykoz Kundura is located is home to factory buildings of second-degree historical monuments, as well as a verdant flora. We therefore do not allow for shooting of fire, explosion and suchlike scenes so as to maintain this characteristic of the land. We kindly ask you to take this matter into consideration while delivering us your demands for shooting.
We sadly cannot organize wedding parties during the shooting season, as decided by the management of Beykoz Kundura Set. Nevertheless, you can hold weddings only in June, July and August at the dates and places deemed suitable by Beykoz Kundura.
Of course! You may also contribute to the works and archive of Kundura Memory, if you’d like to, which is an oral history project. We come together with the former workers of the factory and listen to their memories during the factory period, on the dates designated by Kundura Memory. We kindly ask you to send an e-mail to info@kundurahafiza.com for your meeting and visiting requests.
Sümerbank Leather and Shoe factory was incorporated into Yıldırım Holding for tourism investment following the decision of privatization in 2004. The factory has turned into a set in time with long bureaucratic processes and nice coincidences. The building of technical management in the factory period now serves as a boutique hotel with four rooms under the name “Czech House”, offering service solely to the film crew shooting in the premises of Beykoz Kundura at the present moment.
Offering service as a boutique hotel with four rooms, Czech House is presently available only to those in charge of shooting in Beykoz Kundura. It is not open to public use.
Those in charge of shooting and events can always make use of cafes and restaurants within Beykoz Kundura, just like the Czech House. Serving as a restaurant at the same time, Demirane (iron hardware workshop during factory period) is open to visitors only on the event days held in Beykoz Kundura. If you are planning to attend an event in Beykoz Kundura, you may access to Demirane with a quick ticket control and security permit and enjoy a pleasant meal prior to the event. You may send an email to demirane@beykozkundura.com or call 0 (536) 288-41-99 for reservations.
Kundura Cinema welcomes movie lovers with selections of different themes every month. Screening events take place in two different sessions, at 16.00 and 19.30 every Saturday and Sunday. Kundura Cinema hosts Hollywood Classics special selections at 21.00 on the last Friday of every month. Check Kundura Cinema page to take a look at the programme.
A Midsummer’s Night Cinema is an open air film festival organized by Kundura Cinema. The last indoor screening of the season is held in June every year. As of July, open air screenings are held as part of A Midsummer’s Night Cinema, taking a short break at Kundura Cinema. The new season welcomes the audience in October with brand new movie selections.
You can purchase the tickets from our website or from Kundura Box Office. Kundura Box Office working hours: Weekdays: 10.00 – 17.00 Weekends: 12.00 – 21.00 Please send all your queries about programme and ticket sales to gise@beykozkundura.com.
Designed as a center of performing arts, Kundura Stage is getting ready to welcome its visitors. Wait for Spring 2020 to meet exciting events and performances!
You can apply as online to our job adverts in kariyer.net or Kültür Limited, or send your present CV to ik@beykozkundura.com. You can also follow us on social media to see all the adverts.

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