Kundura Sahne, converted from the former boiler house of Beykoz Kundura, is establishing itself as Istanbul's pioneering new venue for contemporary theatre, dance and performance. Kundura Sahne produces and presents interdisciplinary performance by international and local artists as a nucleus, in where creative practices collide and where audiences encounter vivid new perspectives on various innovative forms and methodologies of performance. Kundura Sahne contributes to research-based art practices, where reality and fiction intersect in performative art forms.

Kundura Sahne is inspired by its unveiled core values;

-Curiosity: we build the future through excavating our past

-Analytical; we pursue to discover new stories while reconstructing the old narratives with an explorer-like manner.

-Conversational; we care about self-improvement and encourage others to develop themselves in the course of building strong interplaying dialogue.

-Playful; we go all lengths while enjoying the vast ambiguity that art practise offers us.

-Pioneer; we create milieus for new creative initiations


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