Kundura Stage is located next to Kundura Cinema, which has been inaugurated after the restoration of the Boiler Room that is the heart of the cultural and artistic identity of Beykoz Kundura. Designed to host various forms of art such as theatre, performance arts, dance and music, Kundura Stage aims to enable interaction among those forms. 

From boiler room to an extraordinary art experience

The Boiler Room used to be the place where steam production was carried out during the active period of the factory until 1999. The transformation of the venue was launched after developing the conceptual phase of its  design process in order to provide more than just a stage under the consultancy of leading Dutch company Theateradvies specialized in theatre architecture and with the efforts of Ten Bras Westinga architecture company. The restoration project geared to meet the needs of performance arts transformed the venue using a design that offers flexible use options in addition to satisfying  technical requirements. The design of the venue followed a sense and logic that bring together functionality and the historical character of the venue while providing a structure suitable for all kinds of activities. 

Aiming for being more than just a stage with its impressive and functional design, Kundura Stage has a structure suitable for all kinds of activities. With its seating capacity of 220 and 320 in Italian stage and Open Space stage forms, respectively, the venue can host up to 500 visitors with irregular seating order. The structure just next to the hall used formerly as an electricity distribution center was transformed into the lounge area of Kundura Stage. Following the restoration works, the former warehouse building next to the lounge now hosts activities such as workshops, exhibitions and events.

Listen, Watch & Read

Through its blog which is constantly enriched with new contents parallel with the programs designed for stage and cinema, Kundura also creates a cultural area steered by new ideas. The anthology created includes contents such as texts, videos, speeches associated with the films and staged productions within the program of Kundura to a variety of parties ranging from film critics to dramaturgists following a research oriented mentality. 

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