As a living space with various opportunities today just like in the past, Beykoz Kundura offers food and drink services, along with sets and event spaces accompanied by culture & art facilities. Today, Beykoz Kundura has three food and drink facilities serving both to set crew, and the guests attending the events held within Beykoz Kundura. Beykoz Kundura supports inzva and inekle projects by donating all its income from restaurant services to Birebir Education Foundation (An Education Foundation for the Digital Native Generation) just as the hotel services.

Renovated in line with its original structure, Demirane, which used to serve as iron hardware workshop during the factory period, is now amongst the most remarkable food and drink facilities in Beykoz Kundura. Built as two floors as a certified structure, Demirane’s restaurant floor offers a capacity of 80 people. The space designed as barcovision and meeting area in the first floor renders service with a capacity of 100 people.

Kundura Kıraathane, on the other hand, which was used as an infirmary once upon a time, today offers a pleasant leisure for the guests with its lovely garden as another food and drink spot in Beykoz Kundura. The space where you can relive your tiredness in a peaceful atmosphere under the trees also has an indoor area.
Recreational areas in Beykoz Kundura make use of the blueness of the beautiful Beykoz coast as well. Located at the seaside, Marina Café is a perfect spot to chill while watching the mesmerizing view of the Bosporus...

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