Beykoz Kundura, which used to manufacture leather and shoes in the past, is now home to culture and art. Indeed, culture and art represent an old-rooted tradition of Beykoz Kundura. Film screenings which were an indivisible part of everyday life and held with the participation of residents of Beykoz in the factory period simply lie at the root of Beykoz Kundura. 

Basing on this tradition remaining at the past of this space, Kundura Cinema was designed as a movie theater which would appeal to the movie lovers and contribute to this seventh art. Serving as a set for movies and tv series for long years, Beykoz Kundura has accordingly turned into a perfect spot for culture and arts where movies are shot and meet with their audience. Kundura Cinema now brings together the cinemagoers and movies of different geographies and periods, and offers a one of a kind experience watching the movies within a splendid atmosphere thanks to its industrial design. 

Kundura Cinema is looking forward to welcome its guests as a distinctive space thinking on and speaking of movies, and offering an alternative perspective on cinema with its special curatorial content, thematic programmes and side events.

From a Boıler Room to a Movıe Theater

Kundura Cinema opened its doors following the restoration of the furnace section in the boiler room, which was regarded as the heart of the factory. There was a historical furnace in this venue, which was named as Russian Boiler. The section which was used as a reservoir of this furnace is now a movie theater; the place where furnace was established, on the other hand, now serves a foyer and refreshments area of the cinema. Kundura Cinema screens modern films since 2017 summer up to now. 

A movie theater equipped with the latest technology was established, as a result of the renovation conducted by preserving the original structure of the building. Prior to coming into service in November 2018, Kundura Cinema, with a seating capacity of 135 people, started welcoming cinephile art lovers with various pop-up events.
It hosted “Restored Film Days” in August 2017, and a selection titled “Nightmares Under Snow” in January 2018, inspired from the dark and abandoned corners of Beykoz Kundura. It then launched screenings consisting of summer movies of master directors’ with “A Cinema Break” theme. In July 2018, Kundura Cinema hosted its guests with an event in complete harmony with the city’s dynamics. This event, which was more like an announcement held before the opening of indoor theater, screened eleven movies in total in various genres, from comedy to drama, and musical to thriller. “A Midsummer’s Night Cinema” which screened the movies the audience had a chance to watch in the theater after a long time, announced a hopeful and excited summer full of love.

Kundura Cinema started welcoming its guests in the indoor theater as of November 2018. Having completed its first season with “A Midsummer’s Night Cinema” event held once again in July 2019, Kundura Cinema has drawn great interest in this summer. Kundura Cinema played host to 6 screenings, 2 DJ performances and an audience of 1100 people in 4 days in the jazz themed closure event announced with the motto #sonikiüçdört. Kundura Cinema continues to welcome its guests with selections of brand new themes and distinctive curatorial contents.  

An extraordınary cınema experıence

An extraordinary cinema experience, As a spot where carefully designed movie programmes are screened regularly, Kundura Cinema offers a dialogue based approach to its audience, regardless of the movie genre and geography. Film screenings take place in two sessions on weekends in Kundura Cinema, a repertory hall with unique industrial architecture. Kundura Cinema hosts screenings in Saturday and Sunday, at 16.00 and 19.30. In addition, it hosts the guests with tasty cocktails during Hollywood Classics selection held at 21.00 on the last Friday of every month.

Moreover, Kundura Cinema plays host to selections of documentary and free programmes to pass Beykoz Kundura’s industrial heritage and historic atmosphere to larger masses. Thus, the most budget-friendly movie screenings of the city is held in Beykoz Kundura for the students as well.
Setting light to the sector with its project titled Open Screen, Kundura Cinema carries its dialogue-based approach a step forward by gathering together young directors and audience via this one of a kind innovative project. In addition to its extraordinary screenings, Kundura Cinema also hosts workshops addressing to people of all ages.

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