As well as being a leather and shoe factory in its past, Beykoz Kundura also was a living space populated by three thousand people. Having served as a venue in Sümerbank period where open air cinema organizations were held, together with office and working spaces, Beykoz Kundura maintains its function of being a delightful living space at the present time too. Aiming to be the brand new spot for culture and art in Istanbul with Kundura Cinema and Kundura Stage, Beykoz Kundura also offers accommodation facilities. Beykoz Kundura supports inzva and inekle projects by donating all its income from hotel services to Birebir Education Foundation (An Education Foundation for the Digital Native Generation).

There is a boutique hotel consisting of four rooms and different themes, where the producers, directors, actors and actresses and set crew can accommodate with pleasure. Hosting its guests in specially designed rooms from “wild west” to Africa’s desert atmosphere, Czech House is a historical and spacious structure built in 1932.

Beykoz Kundura also offers more modern and minimalist accommodation options for its guests. Hence the name, Leather Wells, which was the real leather well in the factory period, is designed as a space with offices and sleeping rooms. Promising a total accommodation experience, this place opens the door to creative works, thanks to the inspiring serenity of its plain design.
Accommodation facilities of Beykoz Kundura are not open to public for now. Presently, only the set crew working within Beykoz Kundura can accommodate in the premises.

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