This is a common area where all guests can relax and enjoy the historical texture in this place during their stay in the Czech House. It can also be used for small meetings during your work in Kundura.

Czech House - Workplace

Right next to the Living Room, we have a cozy library room, that faces the Czech House garden and the Kundura Yard, in which you can work on your script.

Czech House - Western Room

Inspired by the Western Movies which portrayed the tales of heroism and justice, Western Room will simply make you feel in the Wild West and picture yourself chasing the bad guys on horseback before falling into sleep.

Czech House - North Afrıcan Room

The room designed with the Majorelle blue exclusive to Morocco and inspired by the cold, yet passionate love in Bertolucci's The Sheltering Sky, North African Room is full of the traces of this geography, from Atlas Mountains to Sahara Desert, offering a highly special experience to its guests.

Czech House - Hollywood Room

The Hollywood Room, decorated and inspired by the movie stars of 50s and 60s has Marilyn Monroe's charm infused on its every corner. You can indulge yourself and feel like a movie star in this room of the Czech House, located right at the heart of İstanbul's most outstanding set where numerous popular movies and TV series are shot.

Czech House - Faırytale Room

As one of the loveliest rooms of the Czech House, Fairytale Room is a wonderful penthouse suite equipped with the furniture inspired from the Far East. Offering its guest the freshness and relief of a willow tree with its walls painted in blue and green, this room is just perfect for a peaceful sleep.


Conditions of Utılızatıon

The following are strictly prohibited:
• Bringing food and beverage from outside,
• Smoking in the indoor areas,
• Installing any technical equipment like audio, lighting etc.,
• Performing any kind of penetrating and crushing actions and painting that would damage the integrity of walls and floors,
• Sticking any objects to the walls by using plasters, adhesives etc.,
• Using a space out of the rental’s scope,
• Lighting a fire, using explosives and combustibles.

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